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May 8, 2022

What does the body of evidence say on the topic of MSG? Plus: we dig into a new study that alleges that artificial sweeteners are associated with a higher risk of cancer (but But BUT!), and will we keep boosting people against COVID every four months?


Block 1:

(2:05) MSG: what it is, where it comes from, and where it is used


Block 2:

(8:41) MSG: what it tastes like, the story of how it was maligned, and whether or not it causes harm


Block 3:

(27:26) New study on artificial sweeteners and cancer, and its pitfalls


Block 4:

(39:11) Forever boosters for COVID-19



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1) The original paper on “Chinese-restaurant syndrome:”


2) The Colgate University article on Dr. Howard Steel:


3) This American Life’s episode on Dr. Steel and Dr. Kwok:


4) The only other scientific paper penned by Dr. Kwok:


5) Study on intravenous administration of MSG:


6) Study #1 on MSG and flushing:


7) Study #2 on MSG and flushing:


8) Study on MSG and headaches:


9) The FDA’s findings on MSG:


10) Adam Ragusea’s video on MSG:


11) New study on artificial sweeteners and cancer risk:


12) Second COVID booster has ‘marginal benefits’ in small study:


13) Jonathan’s article on a pan-coronavirus vaccine:



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